The cost of basic materials for rebuilding one home in the Philippines amounts to PLN 750. For the funds raised so far PAH would like to rebuild homes for about 1000 families and one of the destroyed schools in Bantayan Island. However, the needs of regions affected by the typhoon are still tremendous. We need additional PLN 2 million to be able to provide aid to a greater number of people.

source: OCHA

On 2 December the team of PAH arrived at the Filipino island and in the province of Cebu through which a destructive wave of the Typhoon Haiyan went. Small islands that are located in the north to Cebu island particularly experienced its effects. Among those islands, the biggest one is Bantayan where PAH carried out the first examination of needs. This island was in the very pupil of the cyclone eye.

The Island is administratively divided into 3 municipalities: Santa Fe, Bantayan and Madridejos which in turn are divided into smaller units - barangays. In order to increase the efficacy of aid, each of the organizations declares to “adopt” one or more barangays, on which they carry out their actions and provide aid to their inhabitants.

Barangay Sungko to which the team of PAH arrived, has not been “adopted” yet by any of the NGOs. So far the inhabitants, who lost everything due to the strike of the typhoon, received aid in the form of combat rations only. However, the biggest need indicated by the inhabitants of island, is a home before upcoming Christmas. The Polish Humanitarian Action would like to help to rebuild homes for at least one thousand families that were affected the most in this region.

source: Shelter Cluster Philippines

Poor inhabitants of the island, who were affected the most by the typhoon´s effects, build their homes of wood and amakan (bamboo matting), and the roof is covered by corrugate steel or nipa palm. The lowest cost of rebuilding such traditional home for one family amounts to about PHP 11000, i.e. PLN 750. Taking into account the fact that about 900-1000 families live in a barangay, we are able to provide materials for rebuilding homes of inhabitants of one barangay. However, due to a differentiated standard of living of inhabitants, we would like to choose families that need aid the most from a few barangays and address our aid to them. Together with rebuilding homes we will carry out informative action on how to rebuild a home in a more solid manner so that the home would be more resistant to any possible strikes of typhoons in the future.

Our aim, besides rebuilding the destroyed homes, is also rebuilding the school that was completely destroyed by the typhoon. Due to the strike of the Typhoon Haiyan, all the school buildings were affected on the island. The classes are conducted in shifts in the remaining or partly destroyed classrooms. The cost of rebuilding one brick classroom amounts to PLN 30 000-45 000.

On the island each barangay has a primary school. So far, the team of PAH visited 2 of them: among others, the biggest one on the island – Barangay Center School, in which 28 out of 53 classrooms were destroyed and the primary school in Bunakan barangay in which 5 out of 15 classrooms need to be repaired.

Payments may be made:
•    to the bank account BPH S.A. 16 1060 0076 0000 3310 0016 1160 (until 30 June 2014)
•    to the bank account BPH S.A. 91 1060 0076 0000 3310 0015 4960 with note "Filipiny" [“Philippines”];
      IBAN number: : PL91 1060 0076 0000 3310 0015 4960
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Text translation was made thanks to courtesy of Embassy of the Philippines in Warsaw