PAH emergency response team carried out a WASH response in the city of Lankien in the north of Jonglei region, where Polish Humanitarian Action has been operating since 2006. In Lankien thousands of IDPs, mainly women and children, found their refuge from the hostilities continuing from mid-December 2013.

Local people in Lankien, photo PAH.

Water taps built by PAH in Lankien, photo PAH.

After a thorough needs assessment performed by the PAH team in Lankien, actions were taken to improve the water and sanitation situation of the persons suffering from the effects of the conflict taking place between the government forces and non-state armed actors. As a result of the intervention performed by PAH and financed by Directorate-General Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (DG ECHO), a total of 5,750 households (approx. 23,000 individuals) regained access to safe water. PAH technical team installed two water collection tap stands in town. The two tap stands each have 6-taps, and one tap has the capacity to fill 1 jerrican of water (20 litres) in 2 minutes. In addition, all the broken boreholes were repaired so as to meet the demand for water.

It was also important to replace the pump using the generator fuelled with Diesel fuel with a solar powered pump. Thus, the problem of frequent stoppages of the pump system due to the low supply of fuel was resolved. PAH made the first initial response by installing solar panels on the water yard. A newly installed pump will be virtually maintain-free.

In order to improve the conditions in the field of sanitation and hygiene, PAH has constructed 20 latrines with hand washing stands at strategic locations all around Lankien.
In addition, 10 hygiene promoters were engaged in thorough hygiene promotion for a period of 30 days, to promote use of the latrines among the local community and to encourage them to use good hygiene and sanitation practices. Hygiene soap was distributed to 1,000 individuals, both IDPs and host community.

In the primary school where IDPs were staying, there were unused latrines which PAH has cleaned and rehabilitated and the users were mobilized to use it well and keep it clean at all times.

In addition, 5 garbage pits and 10 garbage bins were placed in the market to help with refuse disposal.

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The project entitled “WASH and EP&R in the most vulnerable areas of South Sudan” implemented in South Sudan is financed with the funds of the Directorate-General Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (DG ECHO).