10 years, 700 wells, assistance for 1.3 million people - our mission has been present in South Sudan for 10 years now.

In 2006, the Polish Humanitarian Action built its first well in South Sudan. During the next years, it systematically expanded its activities, focusing primarily on organizing assistance concerning water and sanitary conditions. During the 10 years since then, the PAH mission in South Sudan has already built and renovated over 700 wells and helped 1.3 million people.
This year, the Polish Humanitarian Action mission in South Sudan is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its existence. Since the very beginning, the main area of the mission’s activity has been providing the people in need with access to water and proper sanitary conditions. During the decade, PAH has built or renovated over 700 wells, thus improving the quality of life of c.a. 350,000 people. For the last five years, the organization has also played the prestigious role of coordinator of activities related to improving access to water and proper sanitary conditions in Jonglei - the largest state in South Sudan.
PAH builds not only wells, but also latrines and hand washing stations (among others, in schools), organizes campaigns and workshops on hygiene and distributes articles enabling safe use of water and disease prevention (buckets, water purification tablets, soap, mosquito nets, garbage bins, etc.)

PAH is also particularly proud of the activity of the Immediate Response Team. The team organizes help in sudden crisis situations, such as risk of a cholera epidemic or mass migrations of people harmed due to conflicts or natural disasters. It operates in various areas of South Sudan - wherever it is needed most. Just in 2015, the interventions of PAH Immediate Response Team helped almost 180 thousand people.

All PAH actions are planned and implemented in cooperation with their recipients, due to the fact that most employees of PAH mission in South Sudan (currently, 46 of 52 people working at the mission) are the nationals of that country.

The anniversary is also an opportunity to thank people, companies and institutions that have supported PAH activities in South Sudan during the last 10 years, and that still do it.

PAH mission in South Sudan was created thanks to funds from individual donors, collected within the framework of the PAH Water Campaign. You, too, can help!

•    Donate any amount to the account – BPH S.A. 91 1060 0076 0000 3310 0015 4960 with a note: “South Sudan”
•    Make an online donation at the PAH website – choose “South Sudan” as the objective
•    Join the PAH SOS Club and regularly support PAH activities in countries touched by humanitarian crisis - the information is available at the Polish Humanitarian Action website.