Data acquired by World Health Organization indicates that one-eighth of the world population experience the water shortage, and suffer from diseases developed by consumption of the water polluted. A mere 3% people of the group live in Europe. 53%, and 38% live in Asia and Africa respectively. Celebrating World Water Day this year, we want to draw your attention to covering about 6 kilometers by women and children in Africa and Asia to reach the nearest water intake station. Covering the distance, any woman or child carries a 20-litre water container. For water to be sufficient for one day for any family, you need to cover the distance 5 times a day.

Picture by Wojciech Grzędziński

On 22 March, World Water Day is observed. It was declared at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development which was held on 22 December 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. In the UN General Assembly in 2004, the years 2005-2015 were proclaimed as the International Decade for Action ‘Water for Life’. The action was launched on 22 March 2005. Under the resolution by the UN General Assembly, the availability of pure water is one of the major challenges facing humankind, and access to pure water is one of the key factors determining the social and economic development of the countries.

’Floods, earthquakes or wars are typical and clear examples to the public opinion which illustrate the death of people. Lack of access to drinking water is a different story. People who die from lack of water often have never been heard of. It includes newborn babies and children living both in the agricultural areas and in the slums in the suburbs of big cities. Climate changes, natural disasters, poverty, armed conflicts, an increase in population, and the process of urbanization affect directly access to water. Lack of access to water may affect any inhabitant all over the world. We all contribute to the depletion of the resources of drinking water, whether it is deliberately or not. The celebrations of World Water Day make you realize that each of us may raise the standards of life in the faraway corners of the world. 

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