South Sudan is the youngest country in the world, and we have decided to start our education about cleanliness and hygiene  from its youngest citizens.

Workshops for teachers, South Sudan./Fot. PAH, J.Jabłońska

The project developed in collaboration with UNICEF/Fot. PAH, J.Jabłońska

With funding from UNICEF we run the program in South Sudan, which aims to support the promotion of health through the creation of School Health Club, in which students will gain knowledge of why it is worth, and how to take care of cleanliness every day. For this purpose, we chose five schools in counties Uyor and Ayod and in each school we chose teachers who are responsible for the preparation and conduct of the Hygiene Club.

For chosen teachers we’ve organized  series of workshops during which we talked about: 

• Why soap is necessary to wash hands?
• What is asafe excreta disposal?
• What does it mean that the water is safe to drink?
• How to teach personal hygiene for boys and girls
• How to organize the School Health Club and what to do to make it function properly?
• Looking after school

Trained teachers are requested to pass the knowledge to their colleagues and students. We believe that the creation of such network will enable the effective exchange of information related to health, not only among students but also their families and other people.We equipped each of our partner schools with sets of materials about our campaign, including specially made by the Polish Humanitarian Action for this purpose books and stationery for School Health Clubs, cleaning materials and posters made by local artist and showing what is trachoma and how to prevent it.

We have conducted tests among teachers before and after workshops which proved that their knowledge about how to care for the purity each day has increased significantly, by up to 90%!
And that´s just the beginning!