With the support of  UNICEF we’ve started our WASH program in Jonglei state in September 2012. During dry season project gains momentum.

Photo: PAH /P. Szczygieł, Global Handwashing Day Celebration, Duccum

Till March 2013 we’ve rehabilitated 10 boreholes i Akobo West and Uror counties whereby, many people will have better access for safety water. Due to rainy season end, soon we will start drilling new boreholes, one in Uror County and two in Ayod County. At the same time, together with community leaders we will establish and train Village Water Committees. After the training members of these committees will be able to service and fix boreholes in case of any damage.

For all the wells work the best, in 2012 in Ayod town 20 pump mechanics were trained. Now we will organize retraining for them to check their learning and improve their knowledge about these issues.

The residents of Polish Humanitarian Action mission in South Sudan want to pass on their knowledge about hygiene and sanitation problem. We would like to teach the  Sudanese the basic rules which might prevent them and their families from contracting dangerous diseases. As a part of this activity we’ve organized Global Hand Washing Day celebration in October 2012 in Bor and Yuai. We’ve also constructed two basic latrines for Ducuum Primary School in Bor Pakwau (one for boys and one for girls).

PAH is currently undertaking borehole mapping exercise in Uror and Akobo Counties, which aims to create a full database on the availability and condition of existing water sources.

Since 2007, the Polish Humanitarian acts as a coordinator of water and sanitation aid in the state of Jonglei among non-governmental organizations.

Therefore the function, we take care of communication between organization involved in providing assistance in this county, which leads to the better division of labor, providing aid to bigger group of people, as well as avoiding gaps and overlaps in activities.

We have a lot of time and a lot of work till the end of this project, but we alreade see the first great results.