Join our SOS Club. Help people all around the world weather catastrophes and armed conflicts.

Children from Petit Goave, Haiti. Photo by Bartek Wrześniowski

Regular financial help from donors helps us act swiftly when catastrophe strikes and also allows us to plan longer, fuller solutions to existing crises. If you share our values and want to join us in helping the needy, this club is for you! Your membership will allow us to bring help to the places of catastrophes and armed conflicts together.

Anyone who pledges a monthly donation of 10PLN (private persons) or 100PLN (companies, donation per branch) can become a member.

You can choose the amount of your donation yourself so that it corresponds to your financial abilities. You can also submit a one-time donation equal to the amount of 12 declared monthly donations.

To become a member of PAH’s SOS Club all you have to do is:

1. Register on our website

2. Regularly transfer your chosen donation to PAH’s account


Donations can be made in two ways:

  • By setting up a Standing order, which is an elastic tool allowing you to comfortably make regular payments to Polish Humanitarian Action. It gives the Foundation the right to subtract
    the appropriate sum from your account on a monthly basis, without incurring any additional costs to you or us. This is a proven, safe and convenient option chosen by millions around the world.
  • By wiring your donation to the SOS Club’s account: BPH 68 1060 0076 0000 3310 0018 6899
  • By making a donation on-line (choose the SOS Club option)

What do you get for becoming a member?

Apart from the chance to actively join our aid efforts, you also receive:

  • A membership card
  • A member’s bulletin informing you about the Club’s operations (twice a year)
  • Interesting gifts and original promotional materials from PAH, thanks to which you can manifest your membership and engagement
  • Invites to parties organized by PAH
  • Enterprises joining the Club will receive SOS Club stickers which can be displayed in your offices
  • Enterprises which are part of the club can display information about its membership on its website and social networking profiles


Join the club!