Maybe you are getting married soon and you do not want to receive ten beddings? Put PAH gifts on your wedding registry and we guarantee that they will go to someone who really needs them. Your little present means a lot to them!

Although this shop is seemingly no different than other Internet stores, it is actually a completely new thing.
As in any other store, you can browse through items, make your choice and put everything into your shopping cart, and in a few days you will get a parcel with your purchase. It can be a book for your child, a funny gadget for a friend or a fashionable and ethical T-shirt for you.

But don’t be fooled by appearances: when you order something in this shop, the real gift does not get shipped to your address. The real gift goes to people who may live thousands of kilometres away: to people who need your help more than anything in the world. They are inhabitants of the Global South, refugees, repatriates and undernourished children, i.e. beneficiaries of PAH programmes. When you shop in our store you enable PAH to help them. In this shop there is no such thing as bad purchase; each penny spent is a ray of hope for a better and more equitable world. You have our word.