PAH activities would not be possible without help from many companies. On the other hand there is a significant positive boost to business operations of our partners thanks to the PAH brand.

Join the ranks of PAH Partners and change the world for the better. Let us bring fresh ideas and innovativeness to corporate social responsibility strategy of your company. 

Learn about partnership possibilities with PAH and select the one which is best for you:
PAH SOS Business Club: we founded it especially for small- and medium-size enterprises which are unable to donate large sums. Membership in the PAH SOS Business Club involves a donation of a suggested amount of PLN 5000 annually (no less than PLN 1200 annually, however). The premiums are allocated to the humanitarian assistance fund allowing us to act fast during crises. 

Financial donation: a one-off payment or regular payments for a goal of your choice or for statutory activities of PAH. For Polish tax-payers: remember you can add the financial donation to your deductible costs (maximum up to 10% of revenues). 

Service donation: for statutory activities of PAH and selected programs. We usually need free-of-charge services  of the following companies: creative companies, courier companies, research agencies, translation companies, language schools etc. 

In-kind donation: granting equipment to PAH or for people we help in Poland and abroad. 

Loyalty program: if you are in the service sector, you can introduce a system of promoting purchases with points. Your customers may then transfer these points to a PAH program of their choice. 

- Convince your employees to shop at the PAH Shop, and remember that each year we supply Christmas cards and socially responsible gadgets for your employees. 

- Purchase advertising space at (the Pajacyk is clicked by more than 60 thousand people every day!). If you want to purchase space, contact Goldbach Audience agency.

- Propose to your employees a support scheme, where they would transfer a regular part of their incomes (like the odd digits at the end of their wage, a constant sum, a constant percentage) on the basis of their written declaration. It is good practice if the company matches and multiplies the amount provided by its employees.  

- We may also jointly decide about cause-related marketing, for example introduce a PAH-dedicated product or to brand your existing products with PAH brand to signify that when customers choose that product, they contribute to making the world a better place, because your company transfers to PAH a percentage of sales, profit or turnover. 

Invest in the change! Join PAH partners!

Contact us for a tailor-made offer. 

Karina Dilanian-Pinkowicz
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