2018/2019 – UKRAINE – Protection/Waterback

The goal of this project is to aid the people who were affected by the conflict the most. Aid is addressed primarily to the elderly, who live alone and went through nervous breakdowns. We provide them with psychological and social aid. They will have the chance to participate in local events where they will be able to meet others, make new acquaintances, develop their skills, and feel a part of the local community. Those who need aid the most will receive financial help so that they can satisfy their basic needs. In the area of food provision we will conduct agricultural trainings supplemented by distribution of tools and seeds. Furthermore, we will repair sanitary facilities in public institutions such as hospitals that are also looking after the elderly. Our aid will reach 5 442 people.

Project duration: 20.08.2018-19.08.2019

Location: Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, Ukraine

Donator: OFDA

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