2020/2021 – UKRAINE – Protectionback

pomoc pschospoleczna

The project aims to provide assistance and protection to landmine victims – in particular children and their parents – and to enhance the capacity of local communities to care for people with disabilities.

We provide comprehensive assistance and care to 45 families where a child or a parent has been injured as a result of a landmine explosion. These families will be included in a program providing case-by-case care: depending on their needs they will receive psychological, psychosocial, legal and financial support for rehabilitation or adapting homes to the needs of people with disabilities. Additionally, 400 parents/caregivers and 200 social workers will receive training in positive parenting techniques, and 500 children and teenagers will have the opportunity to take advantage of remote psychosocial support, among others through live streaming with social workers and PAH educators, online sessions with psychologists and helpline.

The final element of the project consists in establishing 5 teams from among the most proactive local youths. These teams, led by trainers, will be charged with developing and implementing social initiatives to reduce barriers within the local community for people who have been hit by mines.

In total, our aid will reach 1150 people.

Project duration:15.06.2020 -31.01.2021

Location: Donetsk Oblasts, Ukraine

Donator: UNICEF

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