The project aims to provide access to clean water and promote hygiene among flood-affected residents of Baidit, Kolnyang and Anyidi in Bor County, South Sudan. Activities target both internally displaced people and their host communities.

By renewing and restarting 30 wells, we will provide access to water for 15,000 people. We will also train pump mechanics so that they can make the necessary repairs and monitor the condition of the water intakes on an ongoing basis. At each of the repaired wells, we will appoint and train members of so-called water committees who will look after the installations and water quality. We will also provide 25 hand-washing points in institutions (including schools) so that everyone can use water and soap, which is especially important in times of pandemic.

We will select and train 30 hygiene promoters in the communities, who will pass on their knowledge during home visits and community campaigns. Groups of women hygiene ambassadors will also be created to promote good hygiene habits even more extensively. Additionally, we will train local community leaders, decision-makers, religious authorities, etc. in hygiene promotion.

We will conduct two-day sessions on menstrual hygiene with 200 women and girls. The workshops will include tips on taking care of menstrual hygiene and making reusable hygiene products. We will also provide 3,000 kits containing non-food items necessary for those forcibly displaced by the floods – soap, buckets, canisters, water purification tablets.

A total of 18,000 people will receive assistance.

Project duration: 12.05.2021 – 11.09.2021

Location: Bor South – Jonglei County, South Sudan

Donor: Rapid Response Fund/IOM

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