The purpose of the project is to improve the functioning of social services in conflict areas in eastern Ukraine
by increasing access to social and psychological services and developing the skills of social workers from local Social Welfare Centres, Rehabilitation Centres, neuropsychological facilities, and assistance for the elderly.

The project will involve trainings for social workers in such areas as ethics and mediation in the provision of social services as well as prevention and resolution of potential conflicts. We will be conducting psychological self-help sessions to reduce professional burnout and stress among social workers.

Legal support will enable them to deal with ever-changing social services regulations. In order to improve access to psychological services, social workers trained by PHA will impart psychological self-help knowledge to persons they support on a daily basis.

We will form special groups from among social workers and community activists to train them in drafting and submitting applications for offered by local authorities.

The project will benefit directly 370 social workers
and indirectly 6,276 people using the support offered by social institutions in eastern Ukraine.

Project duration: 01/01/2022 – 30/09/2022
Donetsk oblast
Funding source: Polish Aid, Ministry of External Affairs

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