2022 – YEMEN – multi-sectoral aidBACK

Integrated multi-sectoral assistance in CCCM, Health, WASH and Shelter sectors to 16,369 internally displaced girls, boys, women and men (IDPs) in Al Arsh site (Al Ashraf sub-district), Ereq Al Jalal (Aal Jalal sub-district) and Al Akrameh and Almurraf sites (in Aal Shabwan sub-district) in Marib governorate, Yemen p
roviding multi-sectoral humanitarian assistance (water and sanitation, shelter, health and internally displaced persons camp management sectors) to 16,369 people in Al Arsh, Ereq Al Jalal, Al Akrameh and Almurraf IDP camps, located in Ma’rib province.

 Description of activities

In response to the deteriorating situation of the people of Yemen, related in particular to the escalation of hostilities in neighbouring provinces and Ma’rib province, 16,369 internally displaced persons will receive PAH assistance in 2022. Within the framework of the planned activities, PAH will equip two clinics in Al Khasha’a and Al Phadi with basic and life-saving medical supplies and equipment, including equipment, sanitary items, medicines and hygiene and personal care products, as well as non-medical utility items necessary for the operation of the facilities. The project will also provide additional salary support to the medical team. In addition, activities will be carried out in four Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps, including water supply, distribution of hygiene kits, construction of latrines and repair of the water supply network connecting Al Arsh camp to the nearest water intake.

Polish Humanitarian Action will assume a coordinating role in four IDP camps – Ereq Al Jalal, Al Arsh, Al Akrameh and Almurraf – by, inter alia, keeping records of their inhabitants in order to adjust humanitarian activities to current needs. This will make current and future assistance projects even more effective. Additional activities will be related to providing shelter for newly arriving families by coordinating repairs, distributing basic necessities (including thermal blankets and mattresses), household items (including portable cookers and solar lamps) and temporary shelter construction and expansion kits.

The project is funded by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) and implemented in collaboration with local partner, NFDHR – National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response.

Project duration: 1 January – 31 December 2022
Location: Ma’rib governorate, Al Ashraf, Aal Jalal, and Aal Shabwan
Donor: YHF Yemen Humanitarian Fund

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