Since 2014, the situation in Iraq has been very unstable. The so-called Islamic State began the occupation of the key towns and cities in the northern part of the country (e.g. Mosul). Constant threat and the ongoing conflict have resulted in more than one million Iraqis were in a desperate need of humanitarian aid. The main problem is providing the bare necessities, such as clean water, food, shelter and hygiene kits. Internal migrants searching for safe living conditions take with them only the most essential items, and they have problems finding safe drinking water or adequate food supplies.


In Iraq, the Polish Humanitarian Action carried out a range of activities as early as 2003-2007 – at a time when the situation was very unstable following the fall of the regime. In our work we focused on providing access to safe drinking water and education: we rebuilt schools and repaired water-and-sanitary facilities.

We returned to Iraq at the end of 2016 in response to the plight of the civilian population caused by the fighting in Mosul. We immediately began to provide humanitarian aid to the residents of the city – we supplied food baskets, hygiene kits, and water. First and foremost, our activities involve immediate humanitarian response.

In Kurdistan, our Emergency Response Team is operating supporting the most needed people with necessary aid. We distribute financial grants to the neediest. We also provide legal support, we run entrepreneurial training programs and we provide subsidies and micro-business development funding.

2018/2020 – Iraq – WATER

Project duration: 01.07.2018 – 01.07.2020

Location: Nineveh, Salah Al Din, Iraq

Donor: MADAD

We coordinate activities aimed to strengthen the water and sanitary sector. As part of this project for a local non-government organisation we will organise trainings in maintenance and repairs, hygiene promotion, and we will give mentoring in good co-operation with donors. Furthermore, the mentoring co-operation with local partners will be aimed at reinforcing their organisational capabilities, and ultimately their capacity for active and effective participation in the process of stabilising the water and sanitary infrastructure. As a result aid will be provided to 30 000 people.
2019 – Iraq- MPC/Protection

Project duration: 01.01.2019 – 31.12.2019

Location: Erbil, Dohuk, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland (Polish Aid)

Actively involved in this project is Polish Emergency Response Team in Kurdistan, who continually analyse crisis migration and people affected by it. Upon needs assessment of people migrating, they provide financial grants to those most in need.  In addition, they provide legal advice, entrepreneurial training programs and micro-business development funding. Impact:  912 people. The Project is co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.
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