2019/2020 – SOUTH SUDAN – WASHback

We conduct life-saving WASH activities aimed at meeting the emergency critical needs of IDPs, host community and returnees. Our project is divided into two components. The first one, is implemented in Bor South county, affected by conflict, natural disasters, high malnutrition rates, disease outbreaks. Second component responses to unforeseen acute vulnerabilities related to poor access to safe water, sanitation facilities, Nutrition, Protection or Health emergencies. This project aims to support the provision of access to safe and sufficient water to vulnerable and affected populations, increase knowledge of appropriate hygiene practices preventing and mitigate WASH-related diseases and aiming to reduce gender base violence-related issues in occurrences. As a result aid will be provided to 4 500 people.

Project duration: 10.09.2019 – 28.02.2020

Location: Bor, Jonglei state, South Sudan

Donor: Common Humanitarian Fund (UN OCHA)

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