The devastating conflict in Yemen is in the fifth year. Those who suffer the most, as a result of war, are those most vulnerable: children, the elderly, women. The needs are enormous, as many as 24.1 out of 29 million inhabitants of Yemen need humanitarian aid. It is one of the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis.

The war in Yemen broke out in late 2014. The sides to the conflict respect no rights. Bombs have hit residential districts, schools, hospitals and bazaars. Shots have killed children traveling on school buses, wedding guests and mourners in funeral processions.



The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is the world’s largest since World War II. More than three-quarters of the Yemeni population, 24.1 million people are in need. They include in particular the inhabitants of remote regions and children. It is a critical moment for millions of Yemenis. Our involvement and solidarity may enable us to begin providing permanent, indispensable aid for the Yemenis together.

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