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Report for 2021

We aid individuals who suffer as a result of armed conflicts and natural disasters. Learn about the details of our activities in 2021.

The year 2021 saw us facing the pandemic reality around the globe and its severe economic consequences in the Global South. But thanks to our donors, partners, and employees we unceasingly brought aid to those who needed it as a result of both ongoing and emerging humanitarian crises.

In different parts of the world we provided aid to

000 000


PAH’s activities covered



in Africa, Middle East, Central America, and Europe

In 2021, PAH dedicated more than


million PLN

to all of its aid programmes

Data types

Emergency response


As a result of the earthquake in August 2021 more than 2 000 people died and more than 12 000 people were injured. The earthquake’s epicentre was located a dozen or so kilometres from Petit-Trou-de-Nippes, the city in which we completed our project. As part of our involvement we satisfied basic needs, rebuilt temporary shelters for those affected by the disaster, and provided psychological aid.



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Humanitarian assistance


Our activities were focused on preventing the spread of and infections with COVID-19 within camps for internally displaced persons, delivering large quantities of water, constructing sanitary facilities in quarantine and isolation areas, as well as ad hoc financial aid for the most affected people in the Sinjar district. In addition, we repaired latrines and showers, and removed waste from four camps for internally displaced persons.

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Humanitarian assistance


The ongoing armed conflict, the economic crisis, the risk of natural disasters, climate changes, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic made 2021 a very difficult year for Yemenites. 

In 2021, PAH continued its projects in the healthcare sector by supporting seven clinics and one hospital in the Abjan, Aden, and Ad Dhale governorates. With the goal of restoring full functionality of the healthcare centres, PAH’s activities included but were not limited to deliveries of medicines, hardware, and medical products, items of everyday use, repairs of the building’s sanitary infrastructure, other repair works, and deliveries of water. Furthermore, we aided the medical personnel by holding trainings and paying their salaries. The scope and form of support were matched to each clinic’s actual needs. Bearing in mind that many people could not take advantage of medical services due to problems of logistical nature and some pregnant women prefer traditional childbirth at home, PAH equipped and trained local volunteers and midwifes. This made it possible to reach local inhabitants, as well as provide medical aid and advice outside the clinic. 

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Humanitarian and development assistance


In 2021 PAH aimed its projects at local communities in southern Kenya which has a tropical dry climate. As a result of adverse climate changes access to safe water and appropriate sanitary conditions is becoming increasingly challenging.

Our activities improved the conditions in which education takes place by ensuring access to sustainable water supply, sanitary infrastructure, and appropriate hygiene, as well as improving access to power from renewable energy sources. Together with the local agricultural co-operatives, we erected sand dams to regulate water resources. Moreover, by holding a series of trainings in management, agriculture, and animal husbandry we improved the effectiveness of farming and increased the production capacities and earnings of the agricultural co-operatives.

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Development aid


World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index 2021 put Lebanon in the 132nd place out of 156 countries as far as women’s participation in political life is concerned, their economic opportunities, educational opportunities, as well as adequate access to healthcare. Marginalisation of girls and women, as well as barriers that prevent their active social and professional life are manifold. Only 29% of adult women are professionally active, while in the case of men it is 76%.

In Lebanon, we carried out a project which, through the development of personal and life skills, provided children and teenagers with greater opportunities to use their full potential in the future, and thanks to the growth of professional competencies young adults have greater chances of being employed on a labour market which systemically marginalises them.

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Humanitarian assistance


Our activities are primarily focused on water supply and sanitary aid. In particular, we concentrate on aiding the most vulnerable individuals, such as internally displaced persons, and therefore we build wells and sanitary infrastructure in the camps they live in. We also help local communities in the villages affected by floods, drought, and conflicts. Thanks to such aid, the Somalis’ needs are adequately met.

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Humanitarian assistance

South Sudan

South Sudan poses challenges on many levels. Its inhabitants are facing challenges posed by climate change, epidemics, local ethnic conflicts, as well as loss of the means of support.

Our activities include primarily the provision of access to clean and healthy water by repairing and constructing water intake points, latrines, and hand washing stations. We hold trainings for mechanics and awareness-raising campaigns in good hygiene practices. We distribute hygiene kits to girls and women of reproductive age.

To help children, we develop educational programmes, we create temporary learning spaces where access to school infrastructure is limited. We undertake actions that reduce disease incidence and mortality of the most vulnerable groups by improving access to healthcare and food; we also help in food production. We distribute packages with non-food aid and undertake actions that reinforce local communities’ independence and capacity to respond to future crises. We create safe spaces for women who were victims of violence.

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Humanitarian assistance


In 2021 PAH continued to help the elderly and people with disabilities who lived in towns close to the frontlines. Our local Aid Centres provide psychological and financial aid, and they are also used to distribute parcels with food and hygiene products.

We also provided aid to victims of landmines, in particular children and their caretakers, in the form of psychological, legal, and financial support to facilitate rehabilitation. We held trainings for teachers and social workers, and financed their employment at local institutions.


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South Sudan

Our activities

How we helped in 2021?


  • Construction and repairs of wells, hand washing stations, and sanitary facilities
  • Distribution of hygiene products and menstrual kits for women and girls
  • Control of water quality
  • Trainings in promotion of hygiene


  • Distribution of food to pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Additional nutrition for children below 5 years of age
  • Distribution of seeds and farming tools
  • Continuation of nutrition program in Poland - Pajacyk

Shelter and non-food aid

  • Material support to facilitate shelter construction
  • Construction of temporary shelters
  • Distribution of non-food packages (cleaning agents, basic equipment etc.)

Legal and psychosocial aid

  • Psychological and psycho-social support
  • Eviction monitoring and prevention
  • Monitoring cases of violence


  • Promotion of pre- and postnatal services
  • Educating children and parents about health and hygiene
  • Support for clinics

Emergency aid

  • Meeting basic needs of individuals affected by crises


  • School building repairs
  • Trainings for teachers and distribution of educational materials
  • Improved access to water supply and sanitary infrastructure in schools
  • Equalisation of women’s career opportunities

Sources of funds

Together we can do more

We would like to thank all individuals, institutions, and companies who have supported us, as well as all activists. Thanks to you, we have been able to bring aid unceasingly to those in need!

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Thanks to institutional benefactors we can provide international aid in countries engulfed by war and natural disasters. Without their support, we couldn’t have fulfilled our mission on the current scale.

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Total funds provided by institutional donors in 2021
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