“I HATE!” Do collective fear and ignorance cause hate?

PAH Activists' Academy Webinar

For whom life in Poland is easier and for whom it is harder? What is the cause of hatred and what are its cultural, historical and economic determinants? What function can hate play in society, and what if society expects from us something that we fear?

These and other questions are answered by the philosopher and publicist Tomasz Stawiszyński (stawiszynski.org). The webinar is conducted by journalist Agata Kasprolewicz (Raport z przyszłości – Report from the Future). Their conversation is accompanied by a visual note by Edyta Emme (Myślenie Wizualne – Visual Thinking).

Edyta Emme’s visual note from the meeting in PDF format can be found here.

Notatka wizualna Nienawidzę!