PAH Activists' Academy Webinar

A failure to deal with fear lies at the bottom of many life difficulties. Felt every day, fear can pose a threat to mental and physical health, and in a broader perspective, also seriously affect the social order. Under its influence, we perceive the world around us in a distorted way. We enter relationships with new people with reserve and reluctance. We distance ourselves from the unknown. The outside world can appear as perilous. Understanding the nature of one’s fear is essential to improving our quality of life. By approaching other people, empathizing, enjoying and loving.

Listen to what Anna Cyklińska, a psychologist and psychotherapist (psychoedu), told us about fear. The meeting was hosted by journalist Agata Kasprolewicz (Raport z przyszłości), and a visual note was created by Edyta Emme (Myślenie Wizualne – Visual Thinking).

Edyta Emme’s visual note from the meeting in PDF format can be found here.

Webinar nr 2