2022/2024 – POLAND – NON-FOOD /FOOD AIDback


In August 2022, Polish Humanitarian Action opened a logistics center in Bialystok, 57 kilometers from the Belarusian border, to supply activists of the POPH and Granica Group, a coalition of several NGOs that have been working on the Polish-Belarusian border for many months. Our warehouse is also open to border residents and other associations and organizations operating in the area and involved in helping refugees and migrants. In order to streamline and systematize our operations and best support the activities of the POPH and Granica Group, we have created a list of essential items that includes various categories of products: clothing, camping equipment, and food. We purchase the most expensive items, such as winter and waterproof jackets, pants, thermal underwear, thermal blankets, boots, sleeping bags, backpacks, and power banks.

Between August 2022 (when the logistics center in Bialystok was set up) and April 2023, PAH released more than 50,000 products from the warehouse. More than 7,000 people from 15 different countries were helped during the campaign.

We take the long view, which is why we have extended our assistance to include people in closed detention centres for foreigners. These include the elderly, families with children and unaccompanied minors. Since May 2023, we have been sending personalized and tailor-made parcels to these people. Each one contains 24 products such as clothes, headphones, memory sticks, toiletries, and notebooks. At the moment, we have sent 1,100 parcels.

Project duration: August 2022 – April 2024
Location: Bia艂ystok, Polska
Donor: PAH own funds

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