The situation in Somalia is very unstable. The difficult conditions caused by the long-standing conflict are made even worse by the harsh climate. The civilian population badly needs humanitarian aid: access to clean water and food is very limited.

Many Somalis are forced to leave their homes in search of safer living conditions. Due to restricted access to clean water, they are exposed to waterborne diseases (e.g. cholera). Preventive action must be taken immediately.


We have been operating in Somalia since 2011. Our priority is to provide the local people with access to clean water and improved sanitation. We help internally displaced persons who are searching for safe living conditions.

In IDP camps, we repair the existing water take-off points. We build latrines and hand-operated water pumps. We distribute hygiene kits to camp residents, and we also instruct them in good hygiene practice so that they know how to effectively practice good personal hygiene in difficult conditions with limited access to clean water.

Education and development are high on our priority list and that is why we set up and train so-called water committees which are responsible for operating and maintaining the water supply facilities. We make sure that unrestricted access to clean water is provided in schools so that children can have adequate conditions for their education.

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