The situation in Somalia is very unstable. The difficult conditions caused by the long-standing conflict are made even worse by the harsh climate. The civilian population badly needs humanitarian aid: access to clean water and food is very limited.

Many Somalis are forced to leave their homes in search of safer living conditions. Due to restricted access to clean water, they are exposed to waterborne diseases (e.g. cholera). Preventive action must be taken immediately.


We have been operating in Somalia since 2011. Our priority is to provide the local people with access to clean water and improved sanitation. We help internally displaced persons who are searching for safe living conditions.

In IDP camps, we repair the existing water take-off points. We build latrines and hand-operated water pumps. We distribute hygiene kits to camp residents, and we also instruct them in good hygiene practice so that they know how to effectively practice good personal hygiene in difficult conditions with limited access to clean water.

Education and development are high on our priority list and that is why we set up and train so-called water committees which are responsible for operating and maintaining the water supply facilities. We make sure that unrestricted access to clean water is provided in schools so that children can have adequate conditions for their education.

2018/2020 – Somalia – WATER

Project duration: 01.09.2018 – 31.03.2020

Location: Gedo, Galgaduud, South-Central Somalia

Donator: Arche noVa

We provide access to safe water to IPDs and communities affected by drought, floods, and conflicts. We carry out comprehensive activities in the field of water access, improvement of hygiene and sanitary conditions in IDP camps, schools, and in rural areas. Our activities include construction of latrines, promotion of hygiene, distribution of hygiene packs, and waste disposal. We also provide emergency aid in case of sudden crises by distributing non-food products and hygiene packs, and by restoring latrines and chlorinating water points. People most in need to receive our financial aid. This project provides aid to 66 456 people.
2018/2020 – Somalia – WATER

Project duration: 20.12.2018 – 30.05.2020

Location: Jowhar District – South Central Somalia

Donator: OCHA HF

We carry out activities aimed at providing safe water to people affected by armed conflicts and natural disasters on the territories of South-Central Somalia. We restore existing and construct new water and sanitary infrastructure. We will build and restore 15 shallow wells in order to provide access to safe drinking water. In addition, local communities will be trained in monitoring water quality and maintaining the water infrastructure. Our activities also include the construction of latrines from materials resistant to strong winds and floods. The project’s beneficiaries will also be the recipients of activities related to the promotion of hygiene and distribution of hygiene kits carried out by a specially-trained team. During the seasons of elevated flood/drought risk, our team will also be carrying out activities designed to prevent epidemics. As a result, aid will be provided to 13 890 people.
2018/2020 – Somalia – Water

Project duration: 07.10.2018 – 12.12.2020

Location: Banadir, Wadijir, Shibis, Hiliwa, South-Central Somalia

Donator: UNICEF

We increase permanent access to safe water in schools, as well as educational and medical centres, and we build water kiosks. We provide access to safe water infrastructure to local communities. We promote hygiene and provide support for well management and repairs. We carry out regular chlorination of water sources and tanks. We distribute hygiene packs. We support maintenance and creation of lavatories. We hold trainings for community leaders in water system management.  We distribute waste baskets and carry out waste disposal. As a result aid will be provided to 230 400 people.
2018/2020 – Somalia – Water

Project duration: 01.04.2018 – 31.12.2020

Location: Banaadir Region, Lower Shabelle, Middle Shabelle in South Central County, Somalia

Donor:  ECHO

We provide clean water access to internally displaced people in both, official and emergency camps. We monitor water supplies, develop water and sanitation infrastructure and provide training in servicing and maintaining it. We build temporary latrines; provide training to hygiene consultants and water committees.  We organize hygiene promoting campaigns in camps and other institutes supporting internally displaced people. We provide hygiene bundles. Impact: 158 400 people.   The Project is co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.
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