South Sudandonate


South Sudan gained independence in 2011, following a civil war which had lasted more than 20 years. However, the country is still torn by internal conflicts. The situation is further aggravated by unfavourable climate conditions and an economic crisis. Consequently, many of the South Sudanese people migrate to other parts of their country or they migrate abroad in search of safe shelter, clean water and food.

The situation in the country is very unstable, there is a lack of primary services and natural disasters, such as floods, affect people every year. It is estimated that almost 1/4 of the Sudanese population needs help. The conflict and evictions and the strong floods that affected Sudan in 2019 caused food production difficultiesThe country maintains critical levels of malnutrition and significant food insecurity. 

The floods destroyed the water and sanitation infrastructure, making access to clean water and toilets very difficult. Current conditions intensify the risk of outbreaks of waterborne diseases. 


We have been operating in South Sudan since 2006. Our priority is to provide the local people with access to clean water and improved sanitation. We also conduct wide range of activities when it comes to food security and livelihood. Moreover, we support displaced communities with non-food items and shelters.

We build and repair wells, latrines and hand-washing stations. We make sure that good sanitary conditions are maintained in schools. We provide instruction in good hygiene practice, and we distribute hygiene kits containing the most important products which are indispensable for ensuring hygiene safety.

Our WASH Emergency Response Team makes regular checks of the quality and accessibility of clean water among the local communities, and it also sees to it that effective and immediate action is taken whenever an epidemic breaks out. We identify the needs of the local people and we provide them with appropriate tools and training so that they themselves can ensure their hygiene safety.

We help local communities to enhance effective food production by supporting them with trainings as well as distributing seeds, tools and irrigation equipment. We train people on modern and effective farming, open Field Farming Schools and cooperate with communities.

The aim of our activities is to increase people’s efficiency and resistance to potential next crises, not only by emergency response but also by creating opportunities for long-lasting changes.




Factsheet South Sudan. Updated: 06/2019


Project duration:  10.09.2019 – 31.03.2020

Location: Central Equatoria, Unity, South Sudan

Donor: Common Humanitarian Fund (UN OCHA)

We provide mass hygiene awareness campaigns in schools focusing on water-related disease prevention, hand washing, safe water chain, disease transmission modes, and treatment. We also make rehabilitation of boreholes and sanitation facilities. Teachers and students will be encouraged to spread hygiene messages at a community level and in their network on the negative effects of improper hygiene on a child’s health and effects on the child's education and well-being. Protection related risks awareness campaigns will be regularly carried in the community with information educational materials put in public places across the areas of the project to make the community aware of child-related risks. Additionally, the population from the targeted area will have improved access to repaired, rehabilitated, constructed, safe water sources, which will be available for community use after school hours. As a result, 12 274 people will receive help.
2018/2019 – SOUTH – SUDAN – FSL

Project duration:  10.09.2019 – 28.02.2020

Location: Wau, Western Bahr el Ghazal, South Sudan

Donor: Common Humanitarian Fund (UN OCHA)

Our project involves helping the local community and internally displaced people affected by armed conflict, insecurity, climate change, and displacement. We support field agricultural nurseries. We provide tools, vegetable and cereal seeds, and provide irrigation systems that allow irrigation of crops. The goal is to increase food production. The next step to implement it, is to support farms that make a living from fishing, including by distributing fishing sets. In addition, we run campaigns on the promotion of hygiene and proper nutrition. As a result, 35 070 people will receive help.
2019/2020 – SOUTH SUDAN – NFI

Project duration: 10.09.2019 - 28.02.2020 Location: Bor, Akobo, Pigi, Panyijiar, Kajo-keji, South Sudan Donor: Common Humanitarian Fund (UN OCHA)

We provide life-saving emergency shelter materials and life-sustaining non-food items to the most vulnerable populations, focusing on internally displaced persons. We support conflict-affected communities with skills training, including trainings on sleeping mat weaving and producing fuel-efficient stoves to limit environmental degradation from charcoal overuse and reduce protection risks to women and girls due to regular collection of firewood. Environmental, protection and HLP awareness campaigns will also be done depending on the needs and locations. Wherever feasible, beneficiaries benefiting from trainings will be linked with the vendors to enhance their livelihood opportunities and strengthen local markets and savings. As a result aid will be provided to 11 233 people.
2019/2020 – SOUTH SUDAN – WASH

Project duration: 10.09.2019 - 28.02.2020

Location: Bor, Jonglei state, South Sudan

Donor: Common Humanitarian Fund (UN OCHA)

We conduct life-saving WASH activities aimed at meeting the emergency critical needs of IDPs, host community and returnees. Our project is divided into two components. The first one, is implemented in Bor South county, affected by conflict, natural disasters, high malnutrition rates, disease outbreaks. Second component responses to unforeseen acute vulnerabilities related to poor access to safe water, sanitation facilities, Nutrition, Protection or Health emergencies. This project aims to support the provision of access to safe and sufficient water to vulnerable and affected populations, increase knowledge of appropriate hygiene practices preventing and mitigate WASH-related diseases and aiming to reduce gender base violence-related issues in occurrences. As a result aid will be provided to 4 500 people.
2018/2019 – South Sudan – DRR/WASH/Shelter (NFI)

Project duration: 1.04.2019 - 31.03.2020

Location: All the States if applicable, South Sudan

Donor:  ECHO

As part of the project, we organise emergency preparedness capacity is enhanced through coordinated and synergetic use of emergency prepositioned stocks, emergency response teams (ERTs), and logistic resources to respond to humanitarian crises countrywide. We ensure targeted affected women, men, girls and boys with adequate access to water, sanitation facilities and hygiene promotion. We provide relevant emergency shelter/NFI assistance and access to quality information. Impact: 65,000 people. 
2019 – South Sudan – Water

Project duration: 15.05.2018 - 2019

Location: Jonglei State and other States if applicable, South Sudan

Donor: Project funded from organisation's own resources

As part of the project, we provide access to clean and safe water, to internally displaced people and local communities. We renovate and build new water supplies. We create and provide training to Water Committees, who are responsible for water infrastructure repair, maintenance and management. We provide access to educational resources and hygiene promoting programmes for primary school students. As a result the aid will be delivered to 10,000 beneficiaries.
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