The armed conflict in eastern Ukraine has been going on since 2014. The local people are forced to leave their homes in search of safe shelter in other parts of the country. Humanitarian aid must be provided not only for those who have fled, but also for those who are hosting the refugees.

People fleeing from war are forced to abandon their previous lives – they are jobless and penniless. They lack the bare essentials (food, warm clothes). One of the most vulnerable groups is children, for whom war is a traumatic experience. They need counselling and new opportunities for their education and development. Also vulnerable are elderly people, who are not able to look after themselves and satisfy their own needs in such difficult conditions.


In Ukraine, we provide aid to satisfy most basic needs. We have been operating in Ukraine since 2014, and in 2015 we established a permanent mission there. Our earliest activities were an immediate response to the crisis: we helped provide medical assistance and we delivered food baskets, hygiene kits, blankets, sleeping bags and other bare necessities.

Our top priority is to lend support to the most vulnerable groups: elderly people, women, and children. We are able to reach them thanks to our co-operation with local partners.

At the moment we provide consultations both at our information center and during outreach field visits. We provide lawyer counseling, social counseling, career mentoring, vocational courses, open meetings on entrepreneurship and psychological consultation.

We are involved in long-term programmesintended to provide financial support for people in the greatest need. Monthly subsidies help these families buy food, warm clothes and other bare essentials which are best suited to their individual needs.

Moreover, we renovate water and sanitation infrastructure in public places (mostly children or seniors-related like hospitals or schools).


Project duration: 21.04.2020 – 20.07.2020 Location: Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, Ukraine Donator: UHF/ OCHA

The aim of the project is to help people living in the area near the contact line in connection with a coronavirus pandemic. Our activities include providing the people most in need – the elderly, lonely and disabled people - with hygiene kits. In addition, households with people with severe locomotor disabilities will be equipped with special hygiene kits tailored to their needs. We will provide sets of personal protective equipment for homes with people infected with the COVID-19 virus. Food prices have risen recently in eastern Ukraine. Many people find it difficult to acquire even the most basic products. That is why we provide food packages to the people in need. In addition, qualified PAH social workers will provide remote psycho-social assistance to project Beneficiaries. To ensure safety, psycho-social sessions will be conducted via telephone connections and include self-regulation of emotions and relaxation techniques as well as positive strategies for maintaining mental hygiene, as recommended by WHO. During the distribution of hygiene and food products, PAH will also distribute educational materials developed by the WHO on the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, to increase awareness of the entire local population, PAH will disseminate informational materials Help will go to 1848 households with older people from higher risk groups in the event of COVID-19 infection. Educational materials will reach 10,274 people.
2019 – UKRAINE – FSL, CASH, Protection, WASH

Project duration: 20.08.2019-19.08.2020

Location: Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, Ukraine

Donator: OFDA

The goal of this project is to providing assistance to most vulnerable elderly people living near the contact line. We work in the area of psychosocial support (providing individual and group psychosocial sessions, self-help groups, open community events, individual home-based care as well as distribution of small rehabilitation equipment) as the needs for life-saving humanitarian assistance to address the psychological harm of the affected populations remains high. These activities are complemented by: multi-purpose cash assistance for the most vulnerable beneficiaries, rehabilitation of WASH infrastructure in health and social institutions, agricultural trainings for local community and distribution of agricultural vouchers for the participants. Our aid will reach 7026 people.
2019/2020 – Ukraine – Protection

Project duration: 01.04.2019 – 30.09.2020

Location: Donetska oblast, Ukraine

Donor: Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Polish Aid)

The aim of the project is to improve the functioning of the social services system by increasing access to social care and developing the skills of social and psychological service personnel. We will create four Community Psychological Service Centers in cooperation with local authorities. These institutions will guarantee better access to social services for those most in need and most affected by the conflict - children, young people, families with many children, single parents. As part of the project, open meetings and events for local communities will be organized. As part of these meetings, representatives of authorities, social welfare institutions and local activists will discuss community needs, identify current problems and work out solutions for the future. Organizing workshops for members of four Social Initiative Groups will allow social workers to acquire new skills and knowledge regarding psychological first aid in emergency situations and in the event of an escalation of the armed conflict, coping with stress and creating a dialogue with local authorities.
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