2022-2025 – SOMALIA – WATER – Disaster Risk ReductionBACK

As part of this project we are reaching the Somalis who have been affected by drought and we provide them, among other things, with access to drinking water. We deliver water, clean existing water intake points and build new ones. We also build rainwater tanks, as well as construct and repair sanitary infrastructure at schools, hospitals, and other healthcare centres. We also provide financial aid to people affected by disasters in order to make it possible for them to satisfy their basic needs and give them the freedom to choose what to buy first.

We aid local authorities and communities in reducing the impact of disasters, such as droughts or floods, by training competent committees. During these trainings we work together to develop early warning and early response mechanisms in case of natural disasters.

Our activities allow for the principles of sustainable development and are aimed at counteracting climate changes and their consequences. We strive to reclaim semi-desert land, which will contribute to the economic development of communities that live in Middle Shabelle and Galmudug. PAH’s activities also support local economy by providing the Somalis with the opportunity to do gainful work and acquire construction materials from local vendors.

This project is being carried out in Galmudug and Hirshabelle states in south-central Somalia whose inhabitants suffer as a result of drought, locusts, COVID-19, and conflicts caused by limited resources.

Thanks to our water transports as well as construction and repairs of water supply systems, 27 000 internally displaced persons and more than 41 000 villagers will gain access to safe drinking water. We will also train committees whose task it will be to manage the water resources. Furthermore, internally displaced persons and rural communities, as well as 4 schools and 2 hospitals will gain access to improved hygiene and sanitary conditions. Moreover, 74 000 people will be covered by the disaster response plans, which will improve their safety.

Project duration:  1st August 2022 – 30th June 2025
Location: Adado, Abudwak, Hobyo, Galkayo, and Dusamareb districts (Galmudug state) and Jowhar and Balcad districts in Middle Shabelle (Hirshabelle state); Somalia
Donator:  GFFO
Supporting donator:  Arche Nova

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