Products and loyalty programmes dedicated to PAHback

Together with us, you can launch a product dedicated to PAH, or you can emblazon with PAH’s logo products already on offer and donate to us some of the sales proceeds. If you are in the service sector, you can introduce a system of promoting purchases with points, which can be transferred by your customers to a PAH programme of their choice.

DHL Global Forwarding supports us by donating an equivalent of one meal financed under the Pajacyk Programme per each parcel sent by sea or air, and NCAB Group Polska Sp. z o.o. finances one Pajacyk meal per each production line started by the company.

Loyalty Partner Polska Sp. z o.o., the owner of the PAYBACK programme, enables programme participants to transfer PAYBACK points to finance Pajacyk meals. Also BP supports Pajacyk under its PAYBACK loyalty programme.

Dane są podawane dobrowolnie, ale są konieczne do przekazania darowizny za pośrednictwem PayU.
Darowiznę można przekazać także bez pośrednictwa PayU za pomocą przelewu tradycyjnego, sprawdź numer rachunku tutaj.