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Nearly 100 people, a new organisational structure and just one goal: to help the individual fleeing to Poland from the nightmare of war in Ukraine. By 20 May 2022 the Polish border has been crossed by 3.5 million refugees, and though not all of them will stay with us, many of them will have nothing to go back to.

PAH is launching ÔÇťMission PolandÔÇŁ in order to effectively respond to the refugee crisis in our country.

More than a fourth of the citizens of Ukraine have been forced to abandon their homes to save their own lives and those of their loved ones. Millions of refugees have already resolved to go to Poland, and each day our border is crossed by thousands more. Many of them have nowhere to return to: their homes have been destroyed, fields and roads have been mined, schools and hospitals have been closed. In some parts of Ukraine there is no electricity or running water, the economic crisis is getting worse, and there is no way to find employment. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people who have to Poland after 24 February are going to remain here for a longer period of time. They have to start from nothing in a new country, without means of support or any stability. Their needs are truly great.

 ÔÇťMission PolandÔÇŁ is planned as a separate, large structure within PAH, organised to mirror the foreign missions in African or Middle East countries. It will combine existing aid projects with new initiatives in long-term perspective. One of this missionÔÇÖs tasks will be continued help on the Polish-Ukrainian border and at reception points. These tasks will also be supplemented with, among other things, expanded aid card distribution programmes, providing psychological and social aid and nutrition for children and teenagers affected by the refugee crisis.

We are also planning more actions: help in finding work, integration, access to Polish language classes or global education. The tasks before us are extensive, so in addition to funds we also need the manpower to carry them out.

To meet these new challenges, PAH has begun large-scale recruitment. In total, we will employ nearly 200 people: specialists in logistics and supply chains, grant acquisition, finance or programme management, as well as experts in the various fields.

All ongoing recruitment projects can be found here.

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