PAH has been developing and popularizing projects related to global education in schools and beyond for over a dozen years. Information content is created on an on-going basis in the form of webinars, materials for schools or podcasts on humanitarian aid; in the last year the topics have also covered refugee crisis and the situation in Ukraine.

Examples of activities of the Polish Humanitarian Action in the field of global education:

  1. Lessons in helping – an educational programme for schools on responsible humanitarian aid,
  2. “Tolerance is Not Enough” podcast – conversations with people involved in the organization of humanitarian aid for refugees from Ukraine. Link to the podcast (in Polish):,
  3. Trainings for teachers – a series of trainings for teachers on practical skills in shaping the attitude of global solidarity,
  4. Cooperation with educational activists – building a network of educators and expanding their knowledge about humanitarian aid and the global context of the war in Ukraine.

More information about the activities of the Global Education team of the Polish Humanitarian Action can be found at:

Location: whole Poland
Implementation period: permanent implementation
Donor: PAH’s own funds, Active Citizens – Local Democracy Development Fund

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