How to create the right help?
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Help with Polish Humanitarian Action

Every one of us can carry help for the common well-being. Regardless if you are an individual, manage a social media account, represent a company, organization or media – you can help in a great many ways. Find the appropriate form of help for you.


Over the past 31 years, PAH has been delivering vital assistance to areas where it’s most needed. We provide assistance to communities that are unable to manage the crisis on their own. Our activities would not be feasible without the active and committed individuals in our vicinity. Thanks to your support and our experience, we have been able to help those in need for many years now.

What are the reasons we avoid some forms of assistance measures?

This ensures that the support offered responds to real needs and is delivered efficiently and in a professional manner. This is why it is worth supporting experienced organisations such as PAH. 


Aid organisations, including Polish Humanitarian Action, prefer to provide them with financial donations (rather than, for example, in-kind assistance) for several key reasons:

  • Above all, it allows activities to be adapted to changing needs and conditions in the local area.
  • Financial support eliminates the logistical moves involved in transporting and distributing in-kind aid
  • Funding allows assistance to be better tailored to the individual needs of recipients, focusing on the most relevant aspects of a given situation.
  • Financial support eliminates logistical challenges related to the transportation and distribution of material aid.
  • Financial resources allow aid to be better tailored of aid to the individual needs of recipients, focusing on the most crucial aspects of the given situation.


An example of effective action based on financial donations is PAH’s response to the earthquake in Nepal in 2015. Instead of distributing pre-made material aid, the organization emphasized the provision of financial resources, resulting in a prompt response and directing aid to the areas that required it most.

How to help as a donor?

  • Join to our PAH Club
  • Support us by making a direct deposit to the PAH account.
  • Start a fundraiser on the Pomagamy platform.
  • Support our fundraising efforts on the Siepomaga platform.
  • Join us at our events.

How to help as a company?

  • Become our business partner. 
  • Support professional social and aid activities.
  • Improve the company’s brand image. 
  • Cooperation tailored to your needs.

How to help as a school?

  • Join our educational programmes and events to join our educational programmes.
  • Gain knowledge about the world.
  • Use our educational materials to learn.

How to help as a cultural event?

  • Reinforce your corporate image – get involved in socially relevant causes 
  • Join us in helping to raise awareness of inequalities.
  • Take advantage of our extensive experience and expertise.

How to help as a content creator?

  • Enhance your community’s loyalty. 
  • Fresh and unique content is provided. 
  • Become open to the social and business environment. 
  • The act of supporting PAH is tax-deductible.

How to help as media?

  • Help keep us informed about our activities 
  • Commit to socially relevant causes.
  • Benefit from our unique mate. 
  • We offer expert knowledge and expertise. 

Contact us for more information
For additional information, please contact us. We will provide answers to your inquiries and jointly determine the most effective approach to assist you.
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