Aid in Poland - Pajacyk Programmedonate

PAH's aid in Poland - Pajacyk Programme

Undernutrition is a problem which affects more than a billion people globally. The most vulnerable group is children. Also in Poland, children need support if they are to have unrestricted access to a well-balanced diet. Lack of adequate food at a young age is a huge problem: a young body grows and needs a sufficient amount of calories and nutrients for its proper development. A healthy diet helps children do better at school and is conducive to their development.


Since 1998, the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) has been implementing Pajacyk (Puppet) – a nutrition programme under which schools and various community institutions throughout Poland receive support to provide well-balanced meals for their charges. The Pajacyk Programme finances meals which have adequate calorific and nutritional value, thus helping the children do better at school and conducing to their development. Under the Pajacyk Support Network, the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) co-operates with local organisations which help make an accurate assessment of the local demand. They also provide invaluable assistance when it comes to reaching the most needy children – they are the ones who know their community best. In 2017, we launched a programme to feed children also outside the school year.

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