The internal crisis in Venezuela has left over 7 million people in need of humanitarian aid. 

The economic and political crisis in Venezuela is one of the world’s largest crises not resulting from war or natural disaster. Over 4 million people have had to flee the country for lack of food, water, medical care, electricity and widespread joblessness.

To address the most pressing humanitarian needs, our PAH team began operations in nearby Colombia, right across the Venezuelan border. There were thousands of people on the border exposed to extremely difficult conditions – high temperatures, lack of food and water, spreading diseases. The elderly, sick, people with disabilities and children were especially vulnerable. We worked to counter the immediate effects of the crisis, distributing water, baby milk, food, medication and hygiene packs to the most vulnerable.

We were able to assist nearly 20,000 people.

Our work in Venezuela was made possible by our PAH SOS club members and individual donors. Thank you for your support!


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