Whenever an interesting event is held in you town/city or neighbourhood, you can join it by holding a charity collection to support PAH’s activities. There are countless ways of doing this and it all depends on your ingenuity and imagination. Remember: if it is a public event, you have to report the collection to us. Don’t worry, it’s very simple! You just neet to inform us about your fundraising, so you can get a dedicated PAH money box.


If you want to mark your special occasion, engage your family and friends. Ask them not to buy you any presents, but rather make a donation to the Polish Humanitarian Action. Let your special occasion be an occasion for doing something good for others!

During family or social gatherings, christening parties, birthday parties, or on other occasions, you can collect money to support Polish Humanitarian Action. If you decide to do it, be sure to let us know. Your story can be a great inspiration for others! We will be glad to see photos taken during the collection. We might publish them to present our good friends who help together with us!

If all your donors are your close friends, you do not have to register the collection. Just hold it, and then donate the money to us. However, if you want to hold a public collection, you will need to go through some formalities. You are not sure whether your collection has to be registered as a public one? Ask us.

  • Take a basket, a box or a container and collect donations directly from your guests. Then you can transfer the funds to PAH’ account.
  • Ask your friends to make online payments. They can make such payments using the form on the DONATE page.


Do you feel like doing something good as a whole team? Or maybe you are planning to organise a team building event or a corporate Christmas party? These are perfect occasions to support PAH!

  • Hold a themed charity collection associated with: the Children’s Day, Christmas, the World Water Day or the International Human Rights Day. The occasions are countless!
  • Organise a food fair – let everyone bake something delicious and put it up for sale in the corridor. The collected funds can be used to support some of PAH’s activities.
  • Hold a garage sale accompanied by a charity auction. Everyone has some useless clothes or other stuff. Have an auction, set your objectives and raise money in a friendly atmosphere!

As a company, you can support Polish Humanitarian Action in many other ways. Check here to learn more!

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