donation via a cash machineback

Making donations via a cash machine is the first such facility in Poland.

Polish Humanitarian Action has established co-operation with Euronet Polska Sp. z o.o. (, which is part of Euronet Worldwide – a world leader in processing safe electronic financial transactions and the owner of the largest network of cash machines in Europe. Within the framework of this co-operation, a facility will be provided enabling to make charitable donations via cash machines and cash deposit machines operated by Euronet, so that it will be possible to provide help much faster.

Making a donation via a cash machine is very much like making a standard bank transfer. Having inserted the card into the card reader and having entered your PIN number, you have to choose the “Make a donation” option and then choose the foundation and enter the amount. Donations can also be submitted in cash via a cash deposit machine, choosing “Make a donation” on the welcome screen and subsequently choosing the preferred mode of payment: “Cash” or “Card”.

To verify the transaction, the cardholder’s Personal Identity Number (PESEL) must be entered so that the donor can be identified in order for the transaction to be processed as well as for tax purposes. Therefore the donors will be requested to keep the receipt – for complaints purposes and for tax purposes.

Dane są podawane dobrowolnie, ale są konieczne do przekazania darowizny za pośrednictwem PayU.
Darowiznę można przekazać także bez pośrednictwa PayU za pomocą przelewu tradycyjnego, sprawdź numer rachunku tutaj.