Armed conflict has been raging in Syria since 2011. The civilian population is under constant threat of attack, and the situation is getting worse by the year. The prolonged war has left Syria’s inhabitants in extremely difficult conditions. Most have had to flee their homes in search of safer shelter.

Such displacement and the ongoing state of war mean that the majority of Syrians are in need of humanitarian assistance. There is no work, and Syrian families cannot access the most basic necessities: shelter, clean water, food or warm clothing.


We have been operating in Syria since 2013. We have delivered humanitarian aid in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, and we have assisted internally displaced persons who fled homes in areas where the fighting was raging. We have provided access to clean water and hygiene packs containing necessary items. We have distributed food parcels and micro-gardening kits to the most vulnerable, and we have provided special nutrition packs to children, who are especially at risk during humanitarian crises.

In December 2016, the evacuation of East Aleppo made headlines around the world. Tens of thousands of inhabitants were quickly evacuated from the city. A quick response was required. We organized immediate aid for people who were fleeing to camps for internally displaced persons. We built latrines, hand washing stations and new water pumping stations. We also distributed food and hygiene packs to new arrivals.

Currently, PAH is providing aid to people in need, in a manner that accords with our access. We are organizing emergency assistance in connection with the military offensive in northeastern Syria. At least 70,000 children have been internally displaced as a result of military operations. We help refugees from Syria who found shelter in the camp Bardarash in Iraqi Kurdistan. The needs are immense and growing by the hour! We provide them with access to water and sanitation facilities. We dispose of waste, remove garbage.


2018/2019 – SYRIA – WATER

Project duration: 01.11.2018 – 31.05.2019

Location: Idleb region, Syria

Donor: OCHA


Our activities have been addressed to people who were forced to abandon their homes as a result of the armed conflict on the territories of Idleb, Hama, and Ghuta. We carry out activities centered around access to water, sanitary infrastructure, and hygiene in IDPs camps. We create new water tanks, we supply water with water trucks, and we provide monitoring of water quality. We take care of the construction and maintenance of adequate sanitation. This project also includes activities consisting of maintaining hygiene promotion, distribution of hygiene packs, and waste management within the IDPs camps. As a result, aid will be provided to 40 913 people.
2018/2019 – Syria – Water

Project duration: 01.07.2018 – 30.06.2019

Location: Idleb, Hama, Aleppo, Syria

DonorNorwegian Church Aid (NCA)

The project scope includes a wide range of activities related to safe water access and adequate sanitation.  We build, repair and maintain water supply networks, water tanks and stations, provide water generators and panel. This project also entails good hygiene promotion. Impact: 113 799 people.
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